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Questions to ask before purchasing cemetery plots

Posted on 07/5/18 | Articles, Featured

Purchasing cemetery plots can be a difficult and intimidating process. When making uncomfortable decisions often questions we should ask go overlooked in order to complete the process as quickly as possible. There are not right or wrong answers to the questions below. Each cemetery is different and each has their own reasons for the rules – READ MORE

Things you didn’t know about Arlington National Cemetery

Posted on 06/19/18 | Articles, News

Originally Published by Readers Digest Written by Ashley Lewis 17 Things You Never Knew About Arlington National Cemetery This cemetery does more than honor those who have fought hard for our country’s freedom. It’s also steeped in a treasure trove of rich history. Nearly 30 funerals are conducted each day More than 400,000 active duty – READ MORE

Granite Quarries in North America

Posted on 04/16/18 | Articles, Featured

Materials used for monuments and memorials have varied over the past centuries. Materials like wood, sandstone, marble, and limestone have been replaced by longer lasting materials; granite and bronze. Granite is found throughout the world, a variety of colors exist but still maintain the same basic geological structure. The variety of colors exists because of – READ MORE

Buyer Beware- Online Monument Sellers

Posted on 06/28/17 | Articles, Featured

The photo above shows a monument that was not thought through and designed properly. The letters are illegible even from a few feet away. Once this stone was installed what could the family do to correct this? Did the manufacturer take responsibility for this, or is the family stuck with this? Online Monument Sellers – Buyer – READ MORE

Fear of Cemeteries

Posted on 06/2/17 | Articles

As children, most of us were introduced to cemeteries with sadness and mourning of the loss  of a loved one, ghosts and zombies from a frightening movie, or mystery and the unknown  of death itself. Each of these combinations are perceived as negative, scary, and repulsive.  It’s very true there is no way to know what happens after – READ MORE

Memorial Day

Posted on 05/23/17 | Articles

Remembering Memorial Day During the salted road winters here in the Great Lakes region, we look to Memorial Day as the kick off to vacation season; a final goodbye to the cold weather. Many of us excitedly anticipate Memorial Day as the start of summer fun: A 3-day weekend filled with Sunshine (hopefully), Flowers, Barbeques, – READ MORE

Beneath the City of Lights

Posted on 04/18/17 | Articles

Beneath the City of Lights lies 200 miles of 13th Century tunnels. Tunnels that once bustled with activity from miners extracting limestone blocks; blocks used to build the major European hub 60 feet above, Paris. These tunnels sat empty into the 1700’s, but toward the end of the century that would change. These same Tunnels today are one of – READ MORE