Information Center

Aspiring to make difficult times, a little less.

Here at Patten Monument, we’ve been designing and crafting memorials and monuments for most of our professional careers. Needless to say, we speak the language fluently.

And while our knowledge and industry expertise is useful in conversations amongst ourselves and other likeminded stoneworkers, we’re the first to admit that to the unfamiliar outside world, the language and details of what we do may sound like a different language altogether.

Don’t fret. Our Information Center is here to fill you in and help make your memorial experience an enjoyable one. Throughout the following pages, you’ll find easy-to-consume, step-by-step info and photography covering all aspects of memorials and monuments – from the designing and headstone purchasing process, to how we handcraft and hand-deliver each marker we make.

Oh, and if at any point you find yourself confused or lost by industry jargon, check out our Glossary of Terms for a clear and concise definition.

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Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce
Michigan Funeral Directors Association
Indiana Funeral Director's Association
Monument Builders of North America